Win Together, Lose Together

27 November 2015

It is sometimes difficult to listen to group of capable, intelligent and well-meaning managers moan about work. Why do we do this to our people? When does moaning cross the line between letting off steam /therapeutic off-loading and destructive ranting?

I’d say when it’s commentary from the side-lines, or worse still, shouting and gesturing from the stands. I promise you this, all that bouncing and chanting is having very little impact. Get on the pitch if you want to change the game, find your position and play it to the best of your ability; you never know - you may even score a goal or two.

Celebrate those goals with the team and work out how you’ll turn those misses into goals next time.

Terts Ashibi

Image Credit: Flickr Commons: Shrewsbury v Rochdale 1950 Geoff Charles, Library of Wales

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