Transferring Management Thinking into Sport...UPDATE

27 February 2017

We are continuing our sponsorship of Josh Bryan the amateur golfer.

Over the winter we are helping him use some management tools to ensure he has a constructive plans to build all the elements of is improvement into a single approach…….. Using systems thinking!

It never fails to amaze us how close this is to business management. Although we can’t help Josh with the technicalities of his swing, the appropriate thinking and systematic and systemic discipline is very similar.

With our help Josh is using the OGSM process to plot three key Objectives with appropriate Goals, Strategies and Measures.

This process, as well as, laying out activities with targets is also provoking the use of solid data to allow him to make constructive decisions about how he uses his practice time and importantly improves is thinking to give him confidence and a “can do attitude” whilst dismissing negative thoughts.

Again in the NewLeaf Way, regardless of area of improvement it’s combining hard system infrastructure with the soft personal skills and abilities giving an integrated single approach.

All this is transferable between sport and business and business and sport.

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