Think Differently About Transformational Change

11 May 2015

A rare opportunity to share the experiences of some of the leading global brands in business transformation.

NewLeaf International are offering businesses an interactive workshop, aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of Systems Thinking. Our facilitators will come to you, or a location of your choice

Using real life examples from your business, our skilled facilitators will work with managers in your organisation and demonstrate the real bottom line benefits and capability uplift that can be achieved from employing the Systems Thinking approach.

The Key outputs of this free 2 hour workshop are:

  • Understanding what is and how Systems Thinking can shape effective programmes of improvement
  • How Holistic Thinking builds upon and is more effective than traditional thinking about addressing opportunities in organisations
  • A suggested solution to an issue you have
  • Examples of case studies
  • A feel for the values, principles and working style we have at NewLeaf International

This offer is for a limited time only. If you would like to know more – please get in touch as soon as possible if you’d be interested in this opportunity for your business.

NewLeaf International are leaders in Transformational Change using Systems Thinking methodology. Initially supporting manufacturing organisations, we have found ways of transferring our approach to all sectors including, Banking, NHS, and other commercial Service Industries.Read more about our recent work in Banking by clicking on our clients tab.

At NewLeaf International we’ve taken the theory of Systems Thinking and turned it into practical down-to- earth methods of delivering results in all types of organisations. Since our formation back in 2002 at NewLeaf we have delivered outstanding, sustained results in large multi-national organisations. We have done this by working with the clients and helping them grow the capability within their business.

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