Recruitment Without Compromise

22 November 2016

As a Management Consultancy business, we have to practice what we preach and we find ourselves frequently helping clients define the criteria for their recruitment process. Whether that’s internal promotions or external recruitment. Sadly, all too often, companies will advertise with appropriate criteria and expectations of the role, but then when confronted with less than a perfect fit they compromise on some part of the criteria. This of course leads to inefficiencies later in the process when candidates haven’t met the expectations of the role, and have become victims of being the wrong person in the wrong job.

One clear set of criteria is a set of management competencies. At NewLeaf International we have what we call ‘The What Counts’ factors, which are eight management competencies that range from leadership communication, right through to technical mastery and these eight competencies must be identified and assessed and scored during the process of recruitment.

Also, another criteria is to use Steven Covey’s principle of personal capability where Knowledge Skill and Attitude should be assessed in equal measure. Therefore, the recruitment process must include exploring and assessing not only what people know and experiences that they’ve had but also their real skill in being able to put that knowledge into practice, and of course having the right mind set (Attitude) that’s required for the role and also to fit into the culture of the business

Sometimes, subconsciously businesses go down the route of a knowledge based recruitment process and find themselves recruiting people that have a vast experience of certain elements required for the role but not investigating the 20 years bad experience! Another point of recruitment is that more than one person is needed when assessing candidates. Those management competencies can be spread across different people and that team can should together to assess the candidate fully with different approaches to their part of the interview process.

In terms of skills there is no better way than running an assessment day, with a variety of activities where the shortlisted candidates are involved in practical and theoretical activities including profiling, presenting, role playing and problem solving.

The worst examples of recruiting are found more frequently than you can imagine, is when a business rushes the process believing they "need to put this person in that role because he was the only person available"....... this creates many problems later when the person has been over promoted and not capable of the role.

As an illustration, here at NewLeaf International when we are recruiting Management Consultants we have three core skills and experiences that the consultant must have.

The diagram below shows these three skills.

The three elements are:

Real Facilitation: - Everybody understands the word facilitation but the true belief and philosophy of "getting results through other people" is a crucial element.

Systems Thinking: - This relates to the way that our consultants analyze and look at organizations. We see all components in an organization in the way that they are connected and interact with each other. Sounds simple, but often overlooked.

Competent Manager: - This is so important on a number of levels such as, the ability to manage issues and people concerns during the facilitation of programme, but also importantly to have lived the experience of the work you are asking the client to change to. To know that you wouldn’t ask somebody to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.

We assess the candidate to show ability to use these three elements well AND importantly when they overlap!

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