Pitching Your Solutions At The Right Level

05 January 2014

Again we have encountered a situation where a company is using a sledge hammer to crack a nut by implementing a programme of solutions that is far too complicated for its needs.

Unfortunately, many consultancy companies push what they perceive to be “new” solutions to peddle their wares and in many cases the programme becomes more important than fixing the problem the business had in the first place. The reason for this is often that managers and the supporting consultants, don’t understand the effect such programmes have on organisations

Here are some tips before you embark upon a multi-million pound improvement programme!

  • If it’s not broken don’t fix it
  • Only invest in complex solutions, if your operational efficiency is over 75%, under 75% requires simple daily management tools to make a positive difference in a business
  • Don’t use any of the buzzwords, such as Lean, TPM, 5S, etc…if you require an improvement programme, create a generic title that will outlast any fad and will encompass other initiatives when they are required. This is an important aid to continuous improvement
  • Customise your solutions to meet YOUR business objectives. Objectives are the business results you need…..the “what”…the tools you use are the strategies the “how’s". If you are not clear on this the organisation will become fuzzy and confused the two different aims
  • Processes v management infrastructure. Many improvement programmes are designed to change or introduce new methods of working, but unfortunately in most cases it’s the lack of capability or competency of the workforce that prevents improved business results
  • Put effort into making what you’ve got work

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