Personal Effectiveness

07 August 2015

What is it that gives certain leaders that je ne sais quoi, that personal power?

I used to wonder if this was some mystical gift that is bestowed upon them. It’s much simpler that than that. Personal Power is something you can’t claim to have over your people, it has to be given to you, it’s an individual thing.

However people that have personal power seem to do the following things effectively;

  • Take responsibility and don’t blame others
  • They don’t wait for permission to act
  • They’re confident
  • They’re decisive
  • They keep things simple
  • They don’t seem to moan
  • They don’t get stressed about things and most importantly...
  • They get things done.

As leaders are we working hard on increasing our personal effectiveness? Or waiting for the leadership gods to bless us?

Terts Ashibi, NewLeaf International

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