Meet the Team : Terts Ashibi

30 January 2015

How I Got Into Consulting

I have always held internal consulting roles over the years (although none by design). Over my career I seem to have regularly shared best practices with sister sites and suppliers within the organisation.

I am a pretty open book and truly believe that anyone can implement and manage change with the right guidance. I spent several successful years working in Europe and the US with SCA and Astra Zeneca respectively. That convinced me that this is what I wanted to do for a living. So when the call came from New Leaf, it was a fairly easy career decision. The tough part was leaving a team of colleagues and friends with whom I had formed a strong bond.

A Consultant’s Life

The most exciting thing in my role is the change that can be achieved within a business in a relatively short period of time. As long as the purpose is clear, real change can take hold in weeks.

The thing I get the most satisfaction from is watching the personal growth that takes place right in front of you. The responsibility of developing individuals shouldn't be taken light heartedly, which is what makes the results so rewarding. I was fortunate enough to come across the New Leaf Systems Thinking approach early in my career, so the idea of taking people on that same journey excites me every time I walk through that door.

The most challenging times are often travel-related. Like many people with a young family I find I am constantly making adjustments to get a happy work/life balance.

The Year Ahead

2015 is going to be a busy year for the organisation, so lots of drive and energy is needed to maintain our quality of delivery and presence.

My main focus will be Biotech and Pharmaceutical fields as I feel there is really a solid link between the challenges facing the industry and the New Leaf philosophy.

I will also be attending the EEF National Manufacturing Conference on 26th February,(@EEF_Press #EEF2015 on Twitter) where we are quoted several times in the promotional materials and videos. It’s worth a look.

Outside of the Workplace

My two passions are football and family (not sure I got the order right there?). I have a young family and it’s a cliché but I have definitely seen a change in my approach to work since my son was born; it puts a whole new perspective on things.

My other problem child is Manchester United. A tough couple of seasons but we are starting to rebuild. In terms of change and systems thinking, the United story has it all. A change of leadership and direction, a new playing system, a mix of old and new team members with new roles, responsibilities and relationships to build, not to mention the communication challenges (language barriers) that must take place every training session. When you think of it like that, it’s no wonder we’re not yet the effective team of old.

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