Meet The Team: Paul Gore

26 January 2016

I’m genuinely excited about joining the NewLeaf team in 2016. I was fortunate to have met and worked alongside Martin Gummery early in my career and it was he who introduced me to ‘Systems Thinking’. I can honestly say that this was a light-bulb moment for me as it brought some science to my artistic approach.

I have always sought to build relationships, gain an insight into people’s thoughts, into their styles and to facilitate imaginative conversations. The solutions for many of the challenges faced by businesses are often in the minds of their employees; my role is simply to release that potential and help piece it all together.

Who Am I?

During my career I’ve had the pleasure of working successfully with some truly talented people across a diverse range of industries including print, packaging, FMCG, biotech and pharmaceutical. Throughout this time I’ve endeavoured to be creative in my approach, to think holistically and above all to ‘keep things simple’ - as much with the intention of gaining personal understanding as of applying a strategic approach.

And herein lies what I believe to be my core strength: my ability to assimilate complex situations or information, identify opportunities and relay them in a simple, straightforward and logical manner. As a former graphic designer/illustrator I'm a visual learner and facilitator, so my preferred tools are piles of paper and pencils rather than powerpoint.

I’m passionate about leading change within organisations whilst building people’s capability.

All work and no play?

I mentioned that I used to be an illustrator and art is still close to my heart today. A young family means I’m able to indulge my inner child and can often be found wrestling my children to be the one to put the last piece of Lego in the Death Star!

I enjoy being outdoors and am part of a walking group where the contrast between nature and ‘fast paced’ business life help me maintain a healthy perspective on things, as does the celebratory drink in one of the local bars after we’ve finished!

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