Managing Conflict In A Change Situation

06 March 2014

This month we have been developing approaches to address managing difficult people and what came clear to us was that although a number of tools and techniques are very valuable to people who find themselves in a conflict situation, one of the key basic first steps is to actually recognise that there is a “conflict” and to openly discuss the conflict with the other person/people.

Amazingly, this rarely happens. Often, managers and leaders will hide away from the fact there is an issue with someone. Then, discuss how inappropriate the person is with colleagues and never confront the person with your concerns. This can lead to an appalling situation where someone ends up sacked! The first step in any conflict situation is to sit down with the person and ‘declare’ there is conflict.

This is the first step to solving your issues. Once this discussion is out in the open lots of opportunities to fix issues are presented to you and the other person. In nearly all cases, both people in a conflict situation work to do the right thing, so communication is always the key to these circumstances and if you have a conflict you need to start that communication process.

And remember, are you addressing a difference between yourself and the other person for the good of you, him or the business?... It should be all three!!

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