Leaders Vs Managers

25 April 2014

If you want to be a true leader of change and not merely a manager in a business, here are some quick tips to remind you of your daily behaviours.

1. Envision the organisation

Not only should leaders have a long-term vision of how the business should operate, that leader also enrols his people into that vision on a daily basis. He should continually explain how a task or objective is required and how it is aligned to the vision. So, creating a vision isn’t a workshop exercise to produce a document that is then framed on the walls of the business, this is actually a behavioural process. The envisioning activity is something that a leader should do every day.

2 Energising the people

One of the key behaviors of a leader in a business is to motivate his workforce by praise and recognition, encouragement, coaching and formal and informal reviews of their progress on various tasks and activities.

3. Enabling the workforce

Good leaders don’t just delegate tasks they involve themselves in them, remaining accountable. As said previously, by coaching, and recognising good performance…..but also giving people the right resource to enable them to achieve the business results for themselves. Whether that resource is money, people or time. Enabling the workforce is also breaking down potential issues and barriers that prevent the employee achieving their own objectives. So, remember the 3E’s… Envisioning, Energising and Enabling.

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