Engagement or Coercion? Change The Environment

25 September 2015

As an external consultant it is often easy to spot those who want to be in the room and those whose arm has been twisted. The fulfilling part of my role is seeing that stance change as I start to engage a group and their real potential comes to the forefront.

However, I am always disturbed by the ineffective environments leaders can create for their teams. Often unintentionally, but sometimes it is their tactic to maintain command and control.

If, like me, you've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great leaders you’ll understand when I share a piece of wisdom that constantly springs to mind. “As a leader you can’t change people, you can only change the environment they work in”.

I’m not even sure where this originated, but the fact is it has stayed with me for many years and is something I try to share with as many people as I can (without sounding like I’m losing the plot).

Surely recognising and creating an environment that fosters accountability, drives for results and energy is a skill we should expect, or even demand of leaders at all levels within our organisation?

Terts Ashibi

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