Building Capability Pro-Actively

14 February 2014

I was involved in a meeting recently at an organisation where they are running a co-ordinated change programme and the topic of capability of change agents came to the fore. Some of the change leaders were having a discussion around the situation where there had been no pull for additional skills from within the business, therefore everything was ok and potentially nothing more needed to be done at this time.

Discussions like this remind me of Einstein's quote "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them" and re-enforce my belief that in order to achive manimum benefit, any change programme must always be on the front foot. Take every opportunity to develop the organisational capability, challenge existing thinking and create an environment where change is pushed not pulled, failing to do this will run the risk of:

  • People will always do what they have always done
  • No succession planning for more creative change leaders
  • Personal development opportunities are being missed
  • You won't know what is possible, just what is visible

The key message to take away from this is that if you always wait for a capability need then you will always be reacting to someone being ahead of you. Get thinking about capability early and proactively drive the skills in your workforce, they are after all your greatest asset.

Neil Holloway, Lead Consultant

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